Pipeline & Clinical Trials
Pipeline & Clinical Trials

Our Pipeline

We are developing a robust pipeline of first-in-class autologous cell and gene therapies for diseases of the skin and connective tissue.

The most common cell in skin and connective tissue, fibroblasts repair tissue infrastructure by producing extracellular matrix proteins, including collagen. Our proprietary autologous fibroblast technology is the basis of our personalized biologics pipeline.

Advantages of Our Approach

Using autologous fibroblasts as our technology platform provides distinct advantages for creating gene therapies.

Fibroblasts are an ideal delivery vehicle to administer protein of interest locally:

      • Localized administration avoids side effects typically associated with systemic therapy
      • Reduced rejection and immunogenicity concerns because autologous fibroblasts are compatible with the unique biology of each patient

    Use of a third generation, self-inactivating (SIN) lentivirus:

            • Accommodates large gene constructs due to packaging size
            • Allows for target gene integration, ideal for long-term expression of the protein

    Fibroblasts are genetically-modified ex vivo—providing distinct safety and efficacy advantages:

            • Enables testing for safety and confirmation of transduction rates and protein expression prior to administration
            • Reduces potential for host immune response upon retreatment as live virus is not administered directly into the patient

    FCX-007 is being co-developed in collaboration with Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals.

    Fibrocell’s Personalized Biologics Pipeline is being developed in collaboration with Intrexon Corporation.

    Personalized Biologics Pipeline